At a Glance: Aceable is an online driver training program that offers defensive driving courses, driver’s ed, and more. It’s helping to revolutionize an outdated industry by providing engaging, innovative content to teach drivers valuable skills and satisfy state and court-ordered requirements. It offers a cutting-edge smartphone app, as well as a web browser-based learning tool. Keep reading our full Aceable Defensive Driving review to learn more.


What We Love:

  • Very affordable
  • 100% online
  • State certified in many states
  • Court certified in many states
  • Much quicker than traditional defensive driving courses
  • Excellent smartphone app and web application
  • Engaging content uses a mix of videos, 360-degree VR videos, gifs, text, quizzes and more
  • Progress syncs between devices
  • Great customer support


What We Don’t Love:

  • Aceable is not available in all states


What is Aceable Defensive Driving?

A revolutionary app-based learning program that’s changing the game

Aceable Defensive Driving is a fully online traffic school that lets you complete state-certified defensive driving courses online. Instead of attending an in-person class, Aceable allows you to use a smartphone app or online tool to complete your course.

Aceable Defensive Driving courses are designed to satisfy various State and court requirements. A course completion through Aceable can help you get a traffic violation dismissed, satisfy a court-ordered requirement, or even earn a discount on your insurance premiums!

Since each state has different requirements, Aceable is not yet available nationwide. However, they offer coverage in many states, and are continually expanding.

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Aceable Defensive Driving Review

To research this review, we spent time playing around with Aceable’s courses, getting a feel for how they worked. We also looked at tons of Aceable Defensive Driving reviews from real customers, to get feedback from the community. Here’s what we found.


Key Features

100% online; mobile app and web browser options; surprisingly fun and engaging

  • Excellent smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • Can also be used in your web browser on a computer
  • Fastest courses legally allowed by law – complete in just a few hours!
  • Progress syncs between devices
  • Surprisingly engaging & fun
  • Lots of 360 degree videos and VR content
  • Uses a mix of gifs, videos, VR videos, interactive content, quizzes and more
  • Brief, bite-sized information
  • Move at your own pace
  • Legitimate – State Certified and Court Certified in many states
  • Game-like progress lets you “level up” through the course
  • Dedicated, US-based customer support
  • Over 600,000 satisfied customers and counting
  • Very affordable (see the latest Aceable coupon codes to save even more)

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How Aceable Works

The same information taught in traditional defensive driving courses, with a modern twist

Aceable is 100% online. You can complete courses on your smartphone or computer. Here’s the basic rundown of how things work.

  1. Sign up and select your course
  2. Complete the course teachings, consisting of videos, text, quizzes and more
  3. Take the final test (which can be taken multiple times)
  4. Aceable will send your Certificate of Completion digitally, or mail it if your state requires a physical copy
  5. Present the Certificate to the court to have your ticket dismissed, or to your insurance provider for a discount
  6. That’s it!

Aceable defensive courses can be completed in a matter of hours, and progress is saved continually – so you don’t have to finish everything in one sitting. If you’re curious as to how the actual content is presented, each course is different – but the video below gives you a sneak peak of something you might find in an Aceable course.


The Aceable Experience

Clean, modern functionality; engaging and fun content; cross-platform compatibility

Aceable’s programs are accessible through your computer’s web browser, or through a free smartphone app (that works really well). Aceable is actually an app-first experience, meaning it was first optimized for smartphones and later adapted to computers (which is opposite of most programs). The app functions flawlessly.

Aceable devices

What’s nice is that you can use both the computer and app, and everything will sync up. The courses are broken down into chapters/modules, so there are plenty of natural stopping places. Most defensive driving courses are only a few hours long, but you’ll still have the flexibility to go at your own pace and break it down into chunks. In researching this Aceable Defensive Driving review, we tested the cross-platform aspect of the service, and found everything to sync up very well as we switched from PC to smartphone and back.

Aceable is also surprisingly engaging, honestly. We went into it expecting another boring, dry lecture-based class. What we found was a unique mix of engaging content, ranging from videos and gifs to quizzes and even memes. It’s definitely designed for a younger audience (Aceable Driver’s Ed is the main product offering from Aceable), but it was engaging nonetheless.

If you’re completing the course to satisfy a court requirement, you probably just want to blast through the program. We get it. Here’s the good news: Aceable is as fast as legally possible. Many states have minimum length requirements for courses, and Aceable is designed to just barely meet the requirements. Thus, programs are quite quick.

Keep in mind that Aceable is a relatively new company that is expanding rapidly. If you read another Aceable Defensive Driving review, the information may be out of date as this platform is evolving quickly.

Aceable is great at breaking things down into digestible chunks, and even making it feel like a game. Through the course, you’ll encounter “Level Up” screens like this one:

Aceable levels

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Where is Aceable Available?

State-certified defensive driving courses in California and Texas

If you live in CA or TX, Aceable Defensive Driving is fully State and Court certified. The company is rapidly expanding with plans to roll out in additional states soon.


Can Aceable Get My Ticket Dismissed?

Yes; certified with courts in CA and TX

Aceable courses are certified with all courts in California and Texas. If your court allows ticket dismissal upon completion of a defensive driving course, then Aceable will work great. If you complete an Aceable course in those states, you’ll get a Certificate in the mail that can often be used to dismiss a ticket.


How Much Does Aceable Defensive Driving Cost?

Varies by state; $19-$25 typically

Each state has different requirements, and courses are priced differently from state to state. Right now, all courses are priced between $19 and $25, but this may change. Click here to see up-to-date pricing details.


Aceable Defensive Driving Review: Bottom Line

We ranked the Aceable Traffic School as one of the best online traffic schools overall, and we believe it’s one of the best providers of online defensive driving courses. It’s cheap, quick, certified, and surprisingly engaging. Aceable Defensive Driving reviews from verified customers are overwhelmingly positive, so we’re not alone in our love for this program.

The big downside, of course, is limited availability. Right now, Aceable defensive driving courses are only available in a handful of states. As the program continues to expand, we’ll keep this review updated.

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