Author: Alex Lauderdale

Here’s How Much CO2 the Average Commuter Will Dump into the Atmosphere in Their Lifetime (by City)

We’re all aware that cars emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and the more we drive, the more pollution we create. For most of us, the bulk of our driving involves commuting to and from work. Day in and day out, month after month and year after year, driving back and forth from work, our carbon footprint is always growing and damaging the environment. It’s easy to forget about carbon emissions and put them out of sight and out of mind, but the reality is the cost of emitting greenhouse gases on our commutes is quite significant. But just...

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Here’s How Much Time You’ll Spend Commuting to Work in 2019 (by City)

For many Americans, the most stressful part of the day is spent behind the wheel fighting rush hour traffic to and from work. In fact, studies have found that sitting in traffic is one of the least enjoyable things we do. Unfortunately, if you drive to and from work, you spend a lot of time dealing with commuting stress, and with commutes getting longer every year, things aren’t getting better for many of us. Time spent behind the wheel is often time lost — time many would rather spend with loved ones, enjoying a hobby, being productive, or just...

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The Car Brand Each State is Obsessed With

If you made a list of the most popular car brand in each U.S. state, it’d be pretty repetitive. In most states, Ford and Honda are far and away the most popular auto manufacturers, with Toyota and Chevrolet being the top pick in a few others. But that got us thinking — which car brand is most uniquely popular in each state? In other words, which vehicle manufacturer are, for example, Texans way more obsessed with and covetous of than other states? We turned to data scientist Matthew Sisco for help. Using consumer search data at the state level,...

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Aceable Coupon Code December 2018: Drivers Ed and Defensive Driving Promos and Discounts

Aceable is one of the leaders in online traffic school courses, offering fun and innovative online drivers ed, defensive driving, and traffic school courses for drivers of all ages. With tons of rave reviews and coverage from top news outlets, it’s no wonder there’s so much interest in Aceable coupon codes and discounts. Before we talk about Aceable promo codes, here are a few things we love about the service: The courses are fun, engaging, and highly effective The first mobile app based online driving school The app is easy to use — no technical skills required Effective for...

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Here’s How Much Money You’ll Spend and How Many Miles You’ll Drive Commuting in Your Lifetime (By City)

Earlier this year, we published a report revealing the average American will spend roughly 408 days of their life commuting. That’s a lot of time to spend stuck in traffic, going to and from a job most people hate. But that got us thinking — time is far from the only major expense of commuting. For those who actually drive to work, rather than taking public transportation or carpooling, just how much does commuting cost in dollars and cents over the course of a career? And how many miles will we drive back and forth to work during our...

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