You’ve got two choices. You can take the ticket you just got and add some points to your license or you can go to traffic school. The reality is no one ever wants to go to traffic school. That said, if it shaves some points off your license and removes a ticket, it’s worth it. Your insurance company might even give you a discount on your premium when you complete traffic school. Keep reading so you can learn more about the best California online traffic schools.

California Online Traffic School Reviews

Traffic school is never amazing, but if you live in California you might be the luckiest of anyone in any state that is forced to go through with traffic school. Unlike most other states, you’re not timed. Many states require online traffic school to take a certain amount of time and you can’t finish before that allotted time. California lets you finish when you finish, which is a definite plus! The work is pretty simple and by being able to finish at your own pace, you could be done in no time!

There are tons of traffic schools offering online classes, but not all of them are approved in every state. You probably won’t need to worry about this in California though, as more than 80 schools are approved. That’s one of the reasons why we’re offering the best California online traffic schools with reviews, so you know some of your best options!

Looking for an online driver’s ed course? We have details on those, too!



iDriveSafely offers great customer service and has served many satisfied customers. In fact, millions of people have used iDriveSafely to help them get tickets removed from their record. Classes don’t cost a lot of money and you can try part of the class for free, before you buy it. The final cost of the course will depend on whether you want a text-based or video-learning course. Courses can be done on most devices with an Internet connection. You can learn everything else you need to know in our iDriveSafely review.



Aceable is one of the more technologically enjoyable classes that are offered. You can complete your work on a phone or tablet using their app-based program. Many people find Aceable to be a uniquely enjoyable experience – or as much as traffic school can be enjoyable, that is. Aceable classes won’t break the bank. Being that you’re able to go at your own pace, you could easily have a class done in a couple of hours, if that. Our Aceable review has all of the additional details that you might need about this online traffic school.


Improv Traffic School

The main benefit to Improv Traffic School is that you’ll have the chance to laugh your way through the entire class. Realizing that traffic school is boring, the folks at Improv Comedy Club decided to make it as entertaining as possible and to pour on the laughs so that your bad traffic school experience can be a little better. Class includes some entertaining videos and some reading. Once you pass your tests you’re all done. Like many traffic schools you can save your progress if you need to take a break. You can also switch devices and your progress will be saved, waiting for you when you’re ready to continue. If you’re ready, you can find out more in our Improv Traffic School review!



Another option is GoToTrafficSchool. Our GoToTrafficSchool review has all of the details you’ll need. What you need to know is that they are one of the cheapest options available, and they will price match if you find a lower option! Like most classes, there is a combination of reading, videos, as well as classwork or quizzes/tests that you have to do to complete the course. While they don’t currently offer an app, the website is mobile-friendly, so you can do your coursework on most devices that offer an Internet connection.


California Traffic School FAQ

All in all, completing California traffic school is easier than a lot of states. Still, there is a lot of information to go through, and if you’ve looked through the plethora of California online traffic school reviews, you may still have some questions. If so, keep on reading because we might have the answers you need.


Is Completing California Traffic School Hard?

In comparison to many other states, California online traffic school is a breeze. This is because there is no time requirement. Other states can take between 4 and 8 hours to complete and however long they require is the amount of time you have to be there. California allows you to finish at your own pace, which will work out better for nearly everyone that has to go to traffic school.


Who Should Take California Online Defensive Driving Classes?

Every state has specific rules about what you need to do to qualify for traffic school and to have your course accepted to have your ticket remove or points reduced. In California, the requirements include:

  • You need a valid California driver’s license
  • The moving violation you’re trying to remove had to occur in a non-commercial vehicle
  • Your offense did not have anything to do with alcohol
  • You haven’t been to traffic school for a ticket removal in the last 18 months

Otherwise, most people can take online traffic school whether they are trying to remove a ticket or reduce the cost of their insurance!


Are These the Best California Online Traffic Schools Available?

That’s a matter of opinion, but based on California online traffic school reviews these schools were the stand outs. While we think these are the best California online traffic schools, there are others out there. Most are approved in California, but you’ll want to make sure that a school is approved before beginning your coursework. Classes that are not approved won’t be able to be used to have a ticket removed.


What Else Should I Know about California Online Defensive Driving Courses?

The idea of traffic school is never great, but if you have to go, you’re lucky to go in California. Classes are easy to complete online and there is no time requirement to slow you down. Once you’re done your ticket is taken off your record. If you had points added to your license, you may be able to have those removed, as well. Insurance companies sometimes offer safe driver discounts upon completion of traffic school, as well.

That’s all you really need to know. Not in California? Find the best online traffic schools in your state.