It’s 2019 – and the world is changing. You can now order toilet paper from Amazon and have it delivered in 2 hours. You can use a smartphone to instantly communicate with virtually anyone in the world. And yes, you can even take driver’s ed online!

While it may seem odd to learn how to drive online, it’s actually nothing new: some of the oldest online traffic schools have been in operation since the late 1990s. Online driver’s ed is getting more popular than ever, with more and more teens opting to learn on their smartphones rather than in a dusty old classroom.

Lots of our readers are curious about these services, so we put together this guide to help you find the best driver’s ed online options. Whether you’re looking for a course for yourself or for your teen, we’ll help steer you in the right direction (pun intended).


Why Take Driver’s Ed Online?

It might seem a bit foreign, but in many cases it actually makes a ton of sense to take online driver’s ed classes. Here’s why:

Flexibility – online courses allow you to complete coursework at your own pace. You can sit down and knock out most of a course in an afternoon, or break it into bite-size chunks – whatever works for you! Many online driver’s ed schools even let you use a variety of devices, so you can even practice on-the-go on your smartphone or tablet.

Value – online options are significantly cheaper than traditional driver’s ed courses, which can run up to $180 for just the classroom portion. Online courses, on the other hand, are often as low as $20-$50, providing a significant cost savings.

Time – your time is valuable, which is why most online driver’s ed classes are designed to be as quick as possible, while still providing all the information you need to learn how to stay safe on the road.

DMV Certified – all the courses we recommend are fully recognized, licensed and certified by state Department of Motor Vehicles agencies. That means that the material they teach and the methods they use meet or exceed state standards. That also means that these courses provide essentially the same information that traditional courses do, but in a much more engaging (and affordable) manner.


What is the Best Driver’s Ed Online?

In our search for the best online driver’s ed course, we tested and evaluated most of the options on the market. We looked at how engaging the content was, how informative it felt, how many states the program was certified in, and several other factors. Here are the programs that we found to be the best options:




Aceable is a new and rapidly growing company that currently offers the best driver’s ed online. They offer state DMV-approved courses in teen and adult driver’s ed, along with defensive driving courses and other offerings. Aceable is available in select states only so far, but it’s rapidly expanding. We found this online driver’s ed course to be very engaging and actually fairly fun, particularly for teens and young adults.

  • 100% online (drive training will need to be completed separately)
  • DMV approved in many states
  • Very affordable
  • Prepares you for the permit test and license test
  • Very engaging content, utilizing a mix of videos, gifs, text, and quizzes
  • Very slick, user-friendly mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Complete at your own pace – progress saves and syncs between devices
  • Currently available in CA, FL, IL, NV, OH, PA, and TX
  • Excellent customer service
  • Click here to browse courses available in your state

Aceable made our pick for the best driver’s ed online because their courses are highly engaging, and actually fun if you can believe that. They have done an excellent job at designing the courses to present some fairly dry material in a very engaging and interesting way that will appeal to teens. The courses are informative yet quick, and the mix of different learning materials helps satisfy a variety of learning styles and attention spans. Plus, the courses are quite affordable. We have more information about this service in our Aceable Driver’s Ed review.

With all that said, there is one notable downside: Aceable is only available in a limited number of states. It is expanding rapidly, but as of right now the only state-certified driver’s ed courses available are for residents of CA, FL, IL, NV, OH, PA, and TX. For residents of those states, this is hands-down the best driver’s ed online option – if you live elsewhere, keep reading for our other recommendations.

Click here to learn more about Aceable


DRIVERSED.COM was a close second for the best driver’s ed online school. It’s definitely the most established player in the industry, with over 11 million customers served. It’s also the most widely available, with coverage in most US states. So, in a lot of ways it’s better than Aceable – however, we found its courses to be a bit less engaging, and the mobile app is a bit more clunky. That said, this is a fantastic program all-around, so if you’re in a state that Aceable doesn’t cover, is the best choice for driver’s ed online classes.

  • 100% online for the classroom portion
  • Work on your computer or smartphone/tablet
  • Offers package deals bundled with drive lessons from a local instructor
  • DMV certified in most states (widest coverage of any online driver’s ed course)
  • Very affordable
  • Over 11 million customers served
  • Possible to earn high school credit through the course
  • Work at your own pace
  • 24/7 customer support is part of eDriving, one of the largest companies in the online traffic school business. Their sister site, iDriveSafely, offers adult courses, defensive driving courses, and more.

Overall, is fantastic and affordable. It also offers coverage in most states, and is DMV certified. The only real downside is that the smartphone app tends to crash at times. You can find out more in our review.

Click here to learn more about



Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School is a fun and engaging online drivers ed program and traffic school. It’s quite unique in the fact that it was developed in partnership with an improve comedy club. It’s designed to be humorous and light, while still teaching the fundamentals of safe driving. It’s DMV approved in several states and offers a quick and affordable way to complete the classroom portion of driver’s ed training.

  • Very affordable
  • 100% online learning
  • Utilizes a blend of text, videos and humorous content to keep learners engaged
  • State DMV certified in CA, FL, GA, IN, KY, and NV
  • User friendly mobile app
  • Complete at your own pace – progress syncs up automatically
  • 24/7 customer support

It might seem a little strange to have a comedic driver’s ed course, but the brevity and humor associated with these learning materials actually makes it easier for teens to focus and learn. And don’t worry, parents – this is still a legitimate training program that’s been vetted and approved by state DMVs. Courses are currently available in CA, FL, GA, IN, KY and NV.

Click here to learn more about Improv Traffic School


Our Credentials

Okay, so you’ve seen our picks for the best online driver’s ed programs – but what makes us qualified to make these recommendations? Great question!

Experience: Our experienced team is led by Alex Lauderdale, a former Transportation Analyst with vast experience in driving safety and transportation technology.

Testing: We hand-tested each of these programs (and several others), looking at various factors including how informative and engaging the content was, how long it took, how the course technology functioned, and more.

Research: To round out our own findings, we looked at tons of online driver’s ed reviews to see what real customers were saying. We also looked into the background and team behind each of these services.


Online Drivers Ed FAQs

How long does drivers ed take online?

Requirements vary based on state regulations. Most states require around 30 hours of classroom work to complete driver’s ed, plus hands-on learning behind the wheel. It varies in different states, but count on ~30 hours of online work as a rough guideline. Of course, this will also vary depending on your study habits. The nice thing about online drivers ed courses is that you are free to work at your own pace.

How much does online drivers ed cost?

A general rule of thumb is $50 to $100 for the complete course. Note that this does not include in-person drive training (see below), and cost varies depending on your state of residence and the program you choose.

How does online drivers ed work?

Online driver education classes work in a similar way to traditional driving schools. However, online classes only cover the “classroom” portion of the learning process, and do not include hands-on drive training. Generally, when you do an online driver education course, you’ll complete the coursework, get your credentials, and then move on to in-person driving practice with a parent or local instructor.

Beyond that, course requirements and timelines vary depending on your state. All online driver training programs are designed to satisfy state requirements, so each state has different programs.

What is the best online drivers ed course?

We’ve listed our favorite options in the guide above. The best online driver education course for you will depend on where you live. For state-specific guides, see the pages below.


Find Online Driver’s Ed in Your State

Since state requirements vary, not all online traffic schools will offer driver’s ed in all states. To find schools available in your area, follow the links below.

Don’t see your state listed here? Check our overall recommendations above and verify on the provider’s website that programs are available in your area.

Keep in mind that this list covers teen driver’s ed courses available online. If you’re looking for adult options, see our adult online driver’s ed guide.