We recommend dash cams to all our readers because we want everyone to stay as safe as possible out there! A dash cam can help to protect you from liability should you become involved in an accident, and can also help potentially get you out of other issues like traffic violations. But if you leave your car parked on the street, you’ll want a discrete camera in order to avoid car break-ins and theft. Below, find our pick for the best hidden dash cam of 2018.


Why Use a Hidden Dash Cam?

There are tons of dash cams out there, some large, some small, some expensive, some cheap. What is a “hidden” dash cam anyways? And why use one?

In our mind, a hidden dash cam is just a normal dashboard camera that is small enough that it can be easily hidden away. By making it difficult to see from outside the car, you can discourage theft and car prowls. And in the case of insurance fraud, vandalism, etc. you can record the actions of others without them knowing there is a camera involved.

You might consider getting a hidden camera for car use if you live in a high crime area or if you park your car on the street regularly. Additionally, some people prefer these lower-profile cams simply because they are unobtrusive and convenient. Once installed, you pretty much never even notice them – until an accident happens, and you actually need to review the footage!


What is the Best Hidden Dash Cam?

To narrow down our list of recommendations to just a top 3, we utilized a combination of manufacturer specs, customer reviews, and our own experience with these cameras. Enjoy!


1. Street Guardian SG9665GC

Street Guardian SG9665GC

The Street Guardian SG9665GC is a great mid-range camera and our pick for best hidden dash cam. Its compact, discrete design makes it easy to hide behind your rear-view mirror, providing a hidden witness to everything that happens on the road in front of you. Beyond its ease of use and compact design, it’s also just an excellent all-around camera, sporting HD recording quality, WDR technology for night recording, GPS recording, and more.

  • Small and easy to hide
  • 1080p HD recording
  • Wide dynamic range excellent night vision recording
  • Built-in GPS capabilities
  • Huge recording capacity
  • Excellent reviews
  • 1-year warranty included
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2. RoadRover WIFI 


The RoadRover is a mini dash cam that is super easy to hide because of its size and design. It’s certainly not a high-end camera, so don’t expect too much from the recording quality. But if you’re looking for a discrete camera – at a budget friendly price -the RoadRover is a great choice.

  • Very small design
  • Easy to install
  • Completely hidden once installed
  • Budget camera – decent recording quality, but not great
  • Built in WiFi
  • Budget friendly (around $50)


3. Pruveeo F5

Pruveeo F5

The Pruveeo F5 is a small, affordable camera that is quite easy to hide. It’s not the smallest on this list, so it didn’t earn the title of best hidden dash cam, but it’s a solid camera all around. And at a budget friendly price (around $40), it’s tough to beat!

  • Small, discrete design
  • Recording quality up to 1080p (720p by default)
  • Controllable via smartphone app
  • Budget friendly
  • Wide angle lens
  • 1-year warranty
  • Great reviews
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