Technology moves quick these days, and it’s making life a whole lot more convenient! Today, not only can you order groceries and gifts online, you can even take college courses from the comfort of your own home! Even weirder, perhaps – you can take driver’s education online! It might seem odd, but for a generation that grew up with the Internet, it makes a lot of sense for today’s teens to take an online course. If you’re looking for the best online drivers ed in Nevada, keep reading the guide below.


Best Online Drivers Ed in Nevada: At a Glance

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How Does It Work?

Online driver’s education programs teach the same basic material that traditional in-person classes do. The only difference is in the way they present it. Online courses are typically cheaper, quicker, and much more flexible – yet they still meet Nevada DMV requirements and teach all the state-mandated driving skills and traffic laws.

Keep in mind that these online courses are only part of the equation. Once your teen completes the online course, they can apply for their learner’s permit. From there, they need to complete 50 hours of supervised in-person driving, with a parent or instructor. After that, they can take the test and get their license.


What’s the Best Online Drivers Ed in Nevada?

For Nevada online traffic schools, here are our top picks:




Aceable offers perhaps the best online drivers ed in Nevada for 2019. It’s engaging, fun, affordable, and quick. It’s somewhat of a new player in the online traffic school world, but it’s quickly growing.

Aceable is the most technologically advanced of all the schools we tested. They have a slick smartphone app as well as a great interactive browser-based learning tool. Progress syncs between devices, which makes it easy to work at your own pace.

  • 100% online
  • Nevada DMV Approved
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for teens
  • Includes 6 months of Allstate Roadside Assistance for free
  • Engaging mix of videos, text, quizzes, gifs, and interactive content
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Great customer service

If you want to learn more, read through our Aceable Driver’s Ed review.

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DRIVERSED.COM is a very popular online driving school in Nevada and elsewhere. They offer driver’s ed and traffic school courses for both teens and adults, and are currently the #1 online traffic school in the country. They also offer optional packages that include driving lessons with licensed instructors in your area.

  • Online courses, plus optional in-person instruction
  • Designed for teens – separate adult class also available
  • Nevada DMV Approved
  • Affordable
  • Free practice tests
  • Engaging learning content using a mix of mediums
  • Good customer support
  • Check our review for the full story

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DriverEdToGo is a Nevada online drivers ed program that has served over 4 million customers. They offer fairly easy courses that are approved by the Nevada DMV.

  • 100% online
  • Guaranteed to pass
  • Speedy processing
  • Nevada DMV Approved

Click here to learn more about DriverEdToGo.


Those are all the different Nevada online driver’s ed programs that are worth trying. Since each state has different requirements for driver’s education programs, not all programs will qualify in all states – but the ones listed here are definitely compatible with NV’s requirements. For other ideas, see our overall guide to the Best Driver’s Ed programs available in 2019.