As technology advances, it’s possible to do more and more things online. Even things thought of as in-person activities, such as driver’s education, can now be done online. Each state has different rules about online driver’s ed, but in the majority of states you can now complete fully licensed driver’s ed courses online. For residents of the Lone Star State, we put together this guide covering online drivers ed in Texas and the options you have available to you.

It might seem odd to complete online driver’s ed, but it’s more common than you might think. The content taught in these online courses is quite similar to what’s taught in traditional in-person drive schools – it’s just presented in a different way. We’ll go over options for taking drivers ed online in Texas in the guide below.


Quick Picks for the Best Online Drivers Ed in Texas

Further down the page, we’ll cover exactly why these services made the cut and why we recommend them to our readers.


How Does Online Drivers Ed in Texas Work?

Essentially, online driver training courses work in the same way as the classroom portion of traditional driving schools. You are presented with state-approved learning materials, you proceed through the course, and you take the final exam. This allows you to pass the test to get your driving permit and move on to in-person driving practice.

The differences are mostly that online options are cheaper, quicker, and more flexible. Online courses allow you to work at your own pace, completing assignments and quizzes as you go – from all your favorite devices. There’s no need to attend a class at an inconvenient time or sit through boring lectures.

Online courses also cost significantly less than traditional courses, but they follow the same rules and regulations. All the courses we recommend are approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety and follow the drivers education guidelines set out by the DPS. If you’re interested in trying one out, keep reading for our top recommendations.


What is the Best Online Drivers Ed in Texas?

There are several options for Texas residents. We did thorough research and tested each of these services to see how informative and engaging the courses were. Here are our top recommendations:




Aceable is the best online drivers ed in Texas for 2019. Its cheap, easy, engaging, and technologically advanced courses teach the essentials of driver’s ed to both teens and adults. Aceable has several courses available in Texas, including teen driver’s ed, adult driver’s ed, and defensive driving courses. Aceable is Texas DPS approved and licensed by the State for online driver’s training. Courses utilize a mix of content to improve engagement and accommodate all learning styles.

  • Online courses, with optional in-person drives completed afterwards
  • Texas DPS Approved
  • Super affordable
  • Offers courses for teens and for adults, with customized content for each
  • Courses utilize a mix of 3D interactive content, videos, gifs, text, quizzes and more
  • Excellent smartphone app for Apple and Android devices
  • Work at your own pace – progress syncs between devices
  • Available throughout Texas and in many other states
  • Great customer support
  • Click here to learn more about taking drivers ed online in Texas with Aceable

Aceable is the best Texas driver’s ed provider because they do a great job of creating fun, engaging courses to learn the basics of driving. Their courses are quick yet highly informative, and combine a lot of different styles of learning materials to help keep things interesting. You can learn more in our Aceable Driver’s Ed review.

For Texas residents, Aceable offers a parent-taught driver’s ed program for teens, an adult driver’s ed program, defensive driving/traffic school, and more.

Click here to learn more about Aceable




iDriveSafely is another great option for online driver’s ed in Texas, offering both adult and teen driver’s ed programs. It’s one of the biggest providers, having served more than 5 million people so far. They offer simple text-base courses that are quick and affordable, with optional upgrades to video courses. The courses are a bit less engaging than Aceable, but are quicker in some cases.

  • Very affordable
  • 100% online
  • Text-only or video and text courses (video costs extra)
  • Texas DPS and TDLR Approved courses
  • No smartphone app – must be completed on a computer
  • Quick courses
  • Over 5 million customers and counting
  • Good customer support

Overall, iDriveSafely is a good Texas online drivers ed program that offers quick, easy courses. The content can be a bit dry at times, but coursework moves quick. iDriveSafely is available in Texas and in most other states. Read through our iDriveSafely review to learn more

Click here to learn more about iDriveSafely


DRIVERSED.COM is another way to take drivers ed online in Texas. It’s one of the biggest companies in the industry, having served more than 11 million people so far. offers online classroom portions of driver’s ed, and they also offer package deals that include in-person instruction for licensed drive instructors in your area. These packages are optional, but it’s a nice one-stop shop if you want to do both.

  • 100% online coursework
  • Optional in-person drive instructors available
  • Mostly geared towards teens, but also offers adult options
  • Texas DPS Approved
  • Official DPS test included ($25 value)
  • 100% pass rate (guaranteed to pass the final test)
  • Affordable
  • America’s #1 online driving school
  • Work at your own pace
  • 24/7 customer support offers teen and adult programs in Texas, with parent-taught and instructor-led options. Coursework can be completed online, or via their smartphone app (although the app appears to crash sometimes). Find out more in our full review.

Click here to learn more about



DriverEdToGo is a Texas driving school that’s all online. It’s a good way to take online driver’s ed in Texas and in several other states. With over 4 million customers served, it’s one of the more established companies in the industry. It offers state-approved courses for teens and adults, and teens may even be able to earn high school credit through this provider!

  • All online coursework
  • Guaranteed to pass
  • Same-day processing
  • Teens can earn high school credit
  • Online drivers ed in Texas for both teens and adults
  • State DPS approved and TDLR Licensed
  • Work at your own pace, and save progress as you go
  • Affordable

DriverEdToGo is a solid option for Texas online driver’s ed. It offers a lot of extra perks that many similar providers don’t offer (like high school credit and same-day processing), but keep in mind that most of these are add ons that require an extra fee.

Click here to learn more about DriverEdToGo.


This list covers all the current options TX residents have to take driver’s ed online. There are a couple more options in other states, but overall Texas has quite a few great services to choose from. If you’re curious about other options, see our guide to the best online driver’s ed services overall.