After nine years away from coaching football, Jon Gruden announced he would be returning to professional football in 2019 as the coach of the Oakland Raiders. Raiders fans rejoiced at the announcement, as Gruden had previously spent four years in Oakland and finished with a .594 record. During his time as an NFL head coach at Oakland and Tampa Bay, Gruden earned the nickname “Chucky” due to the resemblance he bears to the homicidal doll from the horror film franchise of the same name voiced by legendary actor Brad Dourif. Social media users have been losing their minds this week over an appearance Chucky in California this week, but it’s likely not one you would expect.

The California Highway Patrol in Contra Costa County pulled over a driver for an illegal use of the carpool lane after suspicions were raised about the occupant sitting in the passenger seat. After realizing who – or what – was in the seat, the CHP posted images of the offense to Facebook where they soon went viral. It turns out that this driver thought they would pull one over on highway patrol officers by strapping a life-size Chucky doll into the passenger seat. The driver apparently thought Gruden’s return to football in Oakland might help with their Chucky disguise, but the CHP weren’t having it. According to the CHP’s Facebook post, the officers were thoroughly amused by the stunt but still gave the driver a ticket anyway:

We know JON GRUDEN is back with the The Oakland Raiders, and we love it too, but this will definitely not work as your carpool passenger! But hilarious! A for effort,… and here’s your carpool ticket. (This seriously happened today,… c’mon people).

While the highway patrol had a little fun with this driver’s little stunt, the resulting ticket was anything but: the fine for a carpool lane violation in California is $491. I’m sure there’s a joke about Child’s Play in there somewhere, but I’ll leave that one for Twitter.