In many countries, having a dash cam recording all the time while you’re driving is normal. This is partly because certain countries offer a dash cam insurance discount. It’s an easy way to cut the amount you spend on insurance by simply adding a dash cam to your car.

Getting a dash cam car insurance discount is a big reason why people have installed them and it’s gaining more popularity. For example, many insurance companies throughout Europe are quickly adding dash cam car insurance discounts. The real question is will you be able to get one in the U.S.


What Companies Offer a Dash Cam Insurance Discount in the U.S.?

Often times the reason a dash cam insurance discount would be offered is so the insurance company wouldn’t have to be put in extra effort after an accident to determine who was at fault. Instead, the insurance company could simply request your video from your dash cam for concrete evidence.

If you could prove you had the dash cam, then you could simplify the insurance claim process for your insurance provider. While there’s a clear benefit to having a dash cam for the insurance companies, the discount for dash cams in the U.S. has not caught up to other countries. At the moment, there are no U.S. insurance companies offering a dash cam car insurance discount.


With No Dash Cam Insurance Discount, Why Do I Need a Dash Cam?

Even though you can’t get a dash cam car insurance discount, having a dash cam is still incredibly helpful.  There are many reasons a dash cam could be helpful or just an interesting device to have. These range from protecting your interests in an accident to being a source of entertainment if your dash cam records an interesting event.

One of the key reasons it helps to protect you is in case of an accident or any other event involving your insurance company. If the other driver in an accident claims an accident was your fault, you can easily disprove this by providing your dash cam video. Or, say another driver or pedestrian was trying to commit insurance fraud and say you hit them. You could easily provide evidence this was untrue since your dash cam would’ve recorded the entire event.

There are many more reasons to get a dash cam, which we cover in this article. And, you never know, insurance companies could start offering dash cam insurance discounts and you could be ahead of the curve!