Did you recently get a ticket that you’d like to get dismissed? Are you required to take a defensive driving course to complete a court requirement? Do you want to potentially earn a discount on your car insurance? If so, you may be interested in taking an online defensive driving course through iDriveSafely. Keep reading for our full iDriveSafely review.


At a Glance: I Drive Safely is an online traffic school that can help you complete officially certified courses in order to satisfy court requirements, dismiss tickets, and more. Courses are certified and approved by state governments and courts, and all the training is 100% online. You can complete coursework quickly and easily on your computer, from the comfort of your home.


What We Love

  • Can be used to dismiss tickets, remove points off driving record, earn insurance discounts and more
  • State and court-certified
  • 100% online
  • Available as text-based or video-based (text is cheaper)
  • Complete courses at your own pace
  • Quick and easy
  • Very affordable
  • Millions of satisfied customers
  • Certificate of Completion mailed to you, or directly to the court (in some states)
  • Well rated in iDriveSafely reviews
  • As fast as legally possible
  • 24/7 customer support

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What We Don’t Love

  • No mobile app. You can still use a mobile web browser, but there’s no actual app yet
  • It’s a bit boring, but so are most traffic school courses


What Is iDriveSafely Defensive Driving?

A fully online traffic school offering affordable, court-approved courses

iDriveSafely is one of the largest online driving schools. They offer defensive driving courses, traffic school, driver improvement courses, and more. They also have iDriveSafely Driver’s Ed courses.

iDriveSafely is 100% online. Instead of sitting through a boring lecture-based class, they offer engaging web-based courses that utilize videos, animations, text, quizzes and more. This also gives you the flexibility to complete the course on your own schedule.

iDriveSafely defensive driving and traffic school courses are designed to help you get tickets dismissed, improve your driving record and potentially even earn a discount on auto insurance. The courses are state and court approved, and can be used to satisfy court requirements and improve your driving record.

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iDriveSafely Review

We explored the course offerings by iDriveSafely, and also looked at third party iDriveSafely reviews from real customers to get a better understanding of the program. Here’s our full iDriveSafely Defensive Driving review.


Key Features

100% online; quick and easy; can help you get tickets dismissed + improve driving record

  • 100% online, web-based courses
  • Very quick and easy (varies by state, but complete in as little as 6 hours)
  • Court approved for ticket dismissal and traffic record rehab
  • May help you earn a discount on car insurance
  • Fastest courses approved by law
  • Meets state and court regulations
  • Uses a mix of learning materials and mediums
  • Move at your own pace and save progress
  • Very affordable (check for iDriveSafely coupons to save even more!)

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How Does iDriveSafely Work?

Covers all material required by law, in a quick and modern way

As mentioned, iDriveSafely is 100% online. Once you sign up, you’ll complete everything on your computer through your web browser. iDriveSafely works with state governments, courts and regulatory bodies to ensure their courses meet the latest standards and requirements.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Sign up for iDriveSafely and choose your course
  2. Complete the course requirements on your computer
  3. iDriveSafely will mail you a certificate of completion, or deliver it electronically
  4. Present the certificate to the court to get a ticket dismissed or driving infraction removed
  5. You may also be able to earn a discount on insurance by presenting the certificate to your insurance provider

Here’s a brief video explaining the process (specific to California, but it will be similar for all states)


The iDriveSafely Experience

100% online; use on multiple devices; save progress and work at your own pace

iDriveSafely is completely online, and coursework is completed via your web browser. You can use it on any device, and save your progress as you go. There is no app, however – you’ll just use a mobile web browser on your devices.

idrivesafely experience

As for the coursework, the programs are designed to be as quick as possible, while still giving you all the information you need. Courses meet state requirements, which sometimes lay out specific time requirements, such as California’s requirement of 8+ hours.

Courses are available as text based (cheaper, quicker) and video based (more expensive, more engaging). If you just want to blast through the course, go text-based. If you want to feel more engaged, the video course is worth it.

iDriveSafely experience

This page focuses on iDriveSafely traffic school reviews, but if you’re looking for driver’s ed for a teen driver, they also offer that. iDriveSafely recently merged with DriversEd.com – check out our DriversEd.com review if you want to learn more.


How Much Does iDriveSafely Cost?

Varies by state; as low as $19.95

No iDriveSafely review would be complete without pricing info!

Pricing for online courses varies depending on the state you reside in. Typically, prices start from $19.95 for the text-based course and $29.95 for the video course. You may be able to save a bit more with an iDriveSafely coupon code.

Since even a single speeding ticket can significantly increase your insurance rates, these course fees will quickly pay for themselves and end up saving you a lot of money over time.


Is iDriveSafely Legit?

Yes; State-certified in most states, and court-approved for ticket dismissal 

iDriveSafely is one of the largest and most established companies in the online driver training industry. You can rest assured that they are legitimate and DMV certified.


How Long Does iDriveSafely Take?

Varies by state; as little as a few hours

iDriveSafely follows state regulations, so each course will differ in requirements and time commitment. Some states have a minimum time requirement enforced, which might mean a minimum of 6 or 8 hours. Other states have no minimum time commitment as long as you complete the course.


iDriveSafely Defensive Driving Review: Bottom Line

Overall, iDriveSafely comes highly recommended. It’s affordable, state DMV and court approved, and relatively quick. Most iDriveSafely reviews tend to agree that it’s a solid program.

It was a bit boring, to be honest. But we weren’t exactly expecting to be thoroughly entertained, and just about every driver’s training program out there tends to be a bit dry. We ranked iDriveSafely as one of the best online traffic schools overall. Hopefully you enjoyed this iDriveSafely review – let us know if you have any questions!

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