Dash cams aren’t just for taxi operators, police officers, and the surreal accident-prone world of Russian drivers anymore. Dash cams have become vital pieces of car equipment for many drivers due to the extra protection they provide in the event of incidents on the road. Dashboard-mounted cameras can capture first-hand evidence of car accidents which helps expedite insurance claims, prevents fraud, and protects drivers in the event of accident disputes. Dash cams aren’t just for accidents, however. Dash cams can also help identify reckless or impaired drivers and get them off the road or identify hazards. While dash cams were once expensive and bulky, they have come down significantly in price over the last few years, and now come with more features than ever before. One new dash cam by VAVA has hit the market with a never-seen before feature: the ability to swivel 360° as it records, enabling users to record events occurring anywhere in relation to their cars.

Most dash cams record only directly in front of one’s vehicle. However, accidents often happen at the rear of one’s vehicle, rendering these forward-facing dash cams useless. The new VAVA dash cam can record while rear-facing, side-facing or at any other angle in 1080p HD quality at 60fps, and a built-in auto-record feature automatically captures any sudden braking or unexpected impacts. The VAVA’s wide-angle lens can record up to five lanes of traffic at once, and its built-in microphone captures audio inside the vehicle. The camera comes with a steering wheel-mounted remote control for taking snapshots. And, of course, there’s a companion mobile app which can control the camera remotely.

While the ability to record in 360° sounds impressive, the VAVA doesn’t actually capture 360° at once – it can only be swiveled in any direction manually. Given that unexpected accidents can happen at any time, it’s unlikely users will be able to swivel the camera in time once it’s clear an accident is unavoidable. Still, there are situations where the ability to swivel the camera could come in handy and provide extra liability insurance. The VAVA dash cam is currently available for preorder on the product’s Kickstarter page for $99 USD.